Support Team

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Support Team volunteers provide practical, social, and spiritual support to parishioners and their families.

  • Great Hall in the School Building
  • Marge Biedenger / Carol Baker
  • 975-2524 / 946-8766

Volunteers assist with meals, household or yard chores, transportation to appointments,shopping and errands. They also provide emotional support by visiting, making telephone calls, or sending cards out to stay in contact with parishioners who are shut in or bereaved.   Spiritual support is given by praying for these friends and their intentions.  There are luncheons held during our year where we prepare the meals and serve them to our guests who socialize with one another and enjoy an afternoon together.

Please call on us for assistance OR if you are able, join our team:  
Marge Biedenger 975-2524 or Carol Baker 946-8766

Mother of Mercy

Mother of Mercy

celebrating 200 years in washington, nc

On December 30, 1820, the Right Reverend John England arrived in Charleston, S.C., having been named the first Bishop of the Diocese of Charleston, which at that time encompassed Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. On June 4, 1821, Bishop England made his first visit to Washington,N.C. During his visit, he official organized and established the Catholic Church in Washington.