August 11, 2020

Cursillos de Christianidad

Cursillo offers a short course of our religion in which you learn to live the Christian life.

Monthly / Every Third Tuesday

Contact Information

  • 7:00p - 8:00p
  • Elena Perez
  • Great Hall in the School Building

Cursillos de Christianidad

Cursillos is an Apostolic movement of the Catholic Church.It was founded in Mayorca, Spain in 1944. It arrived at Mother of Mercy Church in 2012.

Cursillo offers a short Course of our religion in which you learn to live the Christian life through three fundamental areas: through an encounter with yourself, through an encounter with Christ, and through an encounter with others.

If you would like to live the Christian life in a deeperway, we invite you to join Cursillo and live in COLORS by your encounter with yourself, with Christ, and with others!!!

Mother of Mercy

Mother of Mercy

celebrating 200 years in washington, nc

On December 30, 1820, the Right Reverend John England arrived in Charleston, S.C., having been named the first Bishop of the Diocese of Charleston, which at that time encompassed Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. On June 4, 1821, Bishop England made his first visit to Washington,N.C. During his visit, he official organized and established the Catholic Church in Washington.